Home Extensions & Additions

Home additions and extensions can come in many varieties. They can range from a simple room extensions to a garage addition or house extension. An extension or addition can vary widely in complexity depending on your how your house was built, your property lines and the nature of the project.

At Crown’s Way Construction Group, we provide all types of additions and extensions in the Greater Toronto Area. We’ll take care of all the details (including plumbing and electrical), so that you won’t have to rely on multiple different contractors.

Because of the amount of work involved in an extension or addition, it’s important that you choose a company that is experienced with the service. At Crown’s Way Construction Group, we’ve worked on many extension and addition projects around the GTA, and we’ve established a reputation for quality craftsmanship and a great work ethic.

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Room Additions

Adding a room to your home can be a tricky process, and it requires a lot of planning and work. If you’re looking to add or extend a room in your home, give us a call and we’ll give you an estimate. We’ll help you do all the planning and we’ll make sure that your project stays on budget.


Garage Addition

Adding a garage to your property includes concrete work, erecting walls, electrical work and more. We’ll coordinate all these services and we’ll make a garage that is both functional and well-designed. 


Home Extension

We can help you with all types of extensions as well. If you’re just looking to extend an existing room, we’ll help you plan everything and we’ll make sure that the extension is done properly. We will handle everything from the foundation work, flooring, drywalling, electrical and plumbing.

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